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The Basics

Why should I use kyoku?

  • why plant-based ingredients?

    Studies have shown that plant-based diets have many benefits, and our bodies can easily and efficiently process their nutrients. Refueling your muscles is key to making your workouts more effective, and plant-based proteins provide plenty of nutrients to rebuild and repair as quickly as possible.

  • why personalized active nutrition?

    Your body type, workout activity, and fitness goals are unique to you. kyoku helps satisfy your active nutrition requirements through the right combination of plant-based superfoods, enabling you to recover faster, save your workout, and perform better the next day.

  • what is kyoku?

    At kyoku, we’re on a mission to empower every individual to achieve his or her fitness goals through active nutrition. We believe uniqueness is a fundamental characteristic of the human condition — and that your body type, workout activity, and fitness goals are all personal to you. kyoku creates post-workout shakes that satisfy your one-of-a-kind active nutrition requirements through a specific combination of plant-based superfoods. It enables you to recover faster, fully capture your workout’s progress, and perform better the next day.

How does kyoku work?

  • how does your pricing work?

    Our pricing is simple & transparent - Choose between 10, 14, 20, or 25 servings per month, sent right to your doorstep for only $7 a serving. Since we designed our shakes to be consumed post-workout and personalized them to each user's unique lifestyle, we decided against discounted pricing as the quantity increases because we don’t want to discriminate against our less active customers.

  • how many shakes do i receive?

    kyoku understands that everybody may not have the same goal - That’s why we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether they are big or small. If you work out every day then a 30 pack is perfect for you. Just starting to workout? Grab a 10 pack to kickstart your journey. You’re always in the process of becoming - we’re just here to help you get there.

  • how do i get started?

    Getting started is simple. Start by taking a short quiz that will determine what plant-based ingredients we will include in your post-workout recovery shake - It will give optimal results based on your body type and fitness goals. In just a few minutes, we provide your results from a series of basic questions about your body type, workout activities, fitness goals and dietary requirements. Your body is unique and that’s why we make personalized active nutrition to fulfil its unique nutrition requirements.

  • is my personal information shared when i take your quiz?

    We take your privacy seriously and never sell or share your information. Furthermore, all of your data is stored anonymously in our highly secured database.

  • how long before i start to see results?

    Most customers will notice they recover more quickly after their workout, allowing them to feel less stiff / swollen and perform better the next day within a few weeks of consistent use. In terms of reaching your fitness goals, results can vary and depend heavily on the activity level of the customer.

  • how do you suggest using kyoku shakes?

    For optimal results, we recommend you consume your personalized post-workout shake within 30 minutes of working out. Just mix with 16oz water or nut milk or blend with your shake or smoothie. Pro tip: add a banana!

Your plan


  • where do you currently ship?

    We're happy to offer free shipping on all orders with FedEx ground 3-5 business days. We ship to all 50 states - that includes you Alaska and Hawaii residents! Currently we do not ship internationally, but we will announce when we do!

  • do you offer expedited shipping?

    At this time, we only offer FedEx Ground 3-5 business days - when it's time to get your next order, we'll ship in advance so you don't run out.

  • can i track my order status?

    Absolutely! Once an order is placed, we will send you a confirmation email. Tracking information will be available once your order has shipped — usually within one business day.

  • do you ship to P.O. boxes / APO boxes?

    At this time, we only ship to residential addresses within the U.S. via FedEx ground 3-5 business days. Shipping is free!

  • what happens if my shipment is lost?

    If your shipment is lost, simply call or email our Customer Experience team at and we'll track it down or send out a replacement as soon as possible.

  • my package shows delivered but i didn't receive it. what do i do?

    Please contact our Customer Experience Team at, and they will help.

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  • what forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit or debit cards, Apple Pay & PayPal!

  • when will i be billed each month?

    You will be billed every 30 days after placing your first order. If you pause your subscription, your new billing date will be on the date you reactivated your subscription and then every 30 days from there.

  • when will i receive my refills each month?

    You will receive your refills once every 30 days from the date you receive your first order at your door. 

Manage my subscription

  • how does the free trial work?

    We understand that ordering a personalized post-workout shake is exciting and you're anxious to try it for yourself! That's why we offer a free week trial that includes 3 packs of your custom shakes - simply pay $5 for shipping and you'll receive your order in about 3 business days. 

    The trial will automatically convert into a subscription after 10 days from placing the order at which point you will be charged for a full month.

    Please keep in mind that you must cancel before your subscription renews as all kyoku shakes are custom made and we cannot take them back once they have been paid for.

    Subscriptions can be cancelled through your account portal once it has been activated through the activation link emailed to you or by emailing our customer experience team at

  • how does my subscription work?

    Our subscription is simple and transparent - just like your personalized shake! Once you take the quiz, review your results, and order your shakes, it will be shipped within 1 business day of placing your order so you can spend less time waiting and more time living out your fitness goals. After your order arrives at your door, you will get refill packets every 30 days. You're never locked into a contract and you can always pause your subscription when you need to through your profile portal. If you have a unique situation, give our Customer Experience Team a shout and they can help you with the best option available to you at or at (619) 586-6442 . In your profile you can change your payment method, change your shipping address, and billing information.

  • do i have to subscribe?

    kyoku only offers a subscription option as we believe fitness is a lifestyle decision and not a one-time endeavor. However, you're never stuck in a contract with kyoku! If you want to try kyoku before committing we totally get it - just choose our 5 day option at checkout which is available only once to new customers. If you're not a fan just pause your account until you change your mind.

  • when will i receive my refills each month?

    You will receive your refill packets once every 30 days from the date you receive your first order!

    If you need to cancel or pause at any time, the request must be emailed into before your next month order has been charged; alternatively, you can control this in your account portal once you activate your account through the link sent to you upon activating your trial.

  • can i change the quantity of shakes i receive each month?

    If you need to order more shakes before your next order ships out it's super easy! Just shoot our Customer Experience Team an email to and we can have a second-order processed for you. If you need to decrease the quantity you receive, that's okay too - nobody likes wasted product! You can edit your monthly subscription in your account at any time, but keep in mind that if your order has already been processed and shipped, the change won't take effect until the next month.

  • can i pause my subscription at any time?

    Absolutely! Just let us know if you want to pause - shoot us an email to or give our Customer Experience Team a call at (619) 586-6442. If you're tech savvy just log into your account and click on "Subscription" to choose how long you would like to pause.

Our Products


  • how do i know my shake is healthy?

    We specifically worked with industry-leading doctors, nutritionists, and our scientific advisory board to know what combination of plant-based ingredients to use and at what quantities based on your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals for optimal results. Along the way, we kept every aspect of your health in mind by optimizing our shakes for health-span & longevity, to be anti-inflammatory, non-allergenic, and autoimmune.

  • can i make any custom additions or subtractions to my shake?

    We trust our industry leading doctors, nutritionists, and scientific advisory board on which ingredients to use, and at what quantity, based on your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals for optimal results. For now, we don't allow for any substitutions of ingredients to make sure you are reaching your fitness goals!

  • can we increase the amount of protein in my shake?

    At this time, we have decided to trust the advice of our industry-leading doctors, nutritionists, and scientific advisory board and keep the recommended amount of plant-based protein in the shake recommended to you after you take the quiz.

  • do you only offer cocoa as a flavor?

    At this time we only offer cocoa and we have more flavor options in the works - we always want to hear feedback and suggestions so shoot them over to!

  • is my shake Halal?

    According to Halal standards, all vegetable ingredients (except those that cause intoxication) are acceptable. Since kyoku only uses plant-based superfood ingredients, you'll only find yourself feeling recharged and ready to tackle your next workout. Never intoxicated and never slowing down!

  • is my shake Kosher?

    Kind of! Our personalized post-workout shakes are Kosher friendly, we are just not Kosher Certified at this time

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  • how much sugar is in our shakes?

    kyoku ensures that our shakes are clean, simple and pure as possible. Many customers concerns are how much sugar content is in their shake and for good reason. We don't want to hide anything from you and we're proud to say that while each shake varies due to being personalized, all of our shakes contain anywhere between 0-2 grams of natural sugars.

    For added sweetness we use Monk Fruit, a natural, low-calorie sweetener which does not spike blood sugar levels like raw sugar or artificial sweeteners.

  • what if i have a nut allergy?

    None of our shakes contains any nut-based ingredients, specifically tree nuts. We do use superfood seeds such as Hemp Seeds and Chia Seeds, but allergies to these kinds of seeds are pretty rare. With that said, we always suggest consulting your medical provider if you have allergy concerns!

  • does my shake contain soy?

    Not at all – the proprietary plant-based protein mixture in your personalized shake is mainly composed of Chickpea, Peas, and Brown Rice. We also use other plant-based ingredients that are rich in protein such as Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, and Quinoa.

  • does my shake contain the essential amino acids?

    100% - amino acids are naturally found in a multitude of plant-based ingredients which help to rebuild muscle and tissue fiber after workouts. Our proprietary plant-based recovery shake contains all 9 essential amino acids and is highly digestible meaning your body will absorb almost all of them!

  • why do you use green tea extract and can you take it out?

    We chose green tea extract due to its ability to promote fat oxidation - because this is the main ingredient for weight loss, we cannot remove this from your shake without losing its effectiveness.

  • will green tea extract keep me up?

    Green Tea extract is known for its ability to stimulate and suppress appetite - if your shake contains green tea, we suggest using it earlier in the day or at least 2 hours before bedtime to prevent any sleep disturbance.

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  • how and where should i store my packs?

    We recommend you store your packs on your kitchen counter at roughly room temperature! In your first order you'll get a beautiful kyoku tin to keep your single serve packets in – just pop it open, grab a pack and throw it in your gym bag!

  • is my shakes packaging recyclable?

    kyoku was founded on the belief that leaving a minimal carbon footprint and preventing waste is essential - we take from the earth and ensure we give back. When you place your first order it will include a reusable tin container, and every month thereafter you will get refill packages for your tin. The single-serve packets are made from recyclable material as well - overall it's a "win win" for everyone!

Everything Else

Partnerships & Careers

  • are you currently hiring?

    We’re always on the search for the best and the brightest! If you want to join our amazing team, check out our career page at

  • can i partner with you?

    If you’re interested in partnering with kyoku, please shoot us over your info at and let’s see what we can make happen!

  • who is your press contact?

    Please shoot inquiries and any information you can provide to so we know how to best answer!


  • can you provide me with COAs?

    If you need a COA we're more than happy to provide that for you - simply email our Customer Experience team at

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